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South West Victoria On Line
A visitors guide to South West of Victoria and the Southeast of South Australia, featuring independent and impartial travel advice for the towns and cities of the region including Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Port Campbell, Apollo Bay, Robe, Halls Gap, Lorne, Torquay, Robe and Mt Gambier

Warrnambool Street Party
30th January - 1st Feb 2015
These days festivals are all the rage with tourist hungry towns, and locally we have festivals for nearly everything, festivals for jazz, music, folk music, irish music and for nondescript music, but Warrnambool is a bit unique as it is the only city in the region which has a festival which is just dedicated to getting together and having fun.
Originally the festivals organisers planned something like Melbournes highly successful Moomba festival and for a number of years Wunta commenced on Friday night with a big street party and for the rest of the weekend various sports associations and clubs organised events to coincide with the Wunta weekend.
It was very successful until the local government bureaucrats stepped in and decided there should be a high profile band playing on Friday night. This meant they would have to start charging admission, which in turn entailed completely close off the whole street to prevent access to anyone without a ticket. As the costs of security people and temporary fencing rose the numbers of people attending dropped and eventually they moved Wunta to Flagstaff Hill where it very quickly died a natural death
In the last few years a local group has reinstated the Wunta festival back to its original concept in the main street and crowds are returning to Wuntas Friday night street party and also the weekend events are also beginning to regain their previous popularity. Events over this weekend will include a number of family oriented events including a free outdoor music festivals and a number of sporting events designed for the family to enjoy
The concept of have a community event such as Wunta is deserving of success and if the current organisers continue in their current direction it will certainly become one of the cities leading attractions

Wunta Festival Warrnambool's street party in full swing .

Free Wi-Fi on the Great Ocean Road
January 2015
Free Wi-Fi now available along the Great Ocean Road
Although many businesses advertise Free Wi-Fi in most cases you have to buy something before you get free wifi, however a recent initiative by the Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism will bring genuine Free Wi-Fi to 24 locations along the Great Ocean Road fromTorquay to Port Fairy.
However, typical of tourism bureaucracy, the exact locations of these Wi-Fi hotspots have not been publicised and apart from some basic information about which towns are being set up and some information about download limits, not much else is known, fortunately our local techie guru has managed to track down some vital information about where the hotspots are located and how to access the network.
Currently hotspots have been set up in Warrnambool, Torquay, Anglesea, Apollo Bay, Port Fairy, Colac, Port Campbell, Timboon and Camperdown, with each town having a number of locations. Although we don’t currently have a full list of every location, the main wi-fi location in each town/city seems to be the local visitor information centre and for anyone looking to connect to the Internet in any town we don’t have an exact location for, then a good starting point would to to try at the local Visitor Information Centre.
The signal strength of each hotspot is very good, which means you shouldn’t have any problems connecting to the network from anywhere within about 500 metres, in fact at the Warrnambool Visitor Information ( located at Flagstaff Hill ) we got a good solid connection from anywhere within the carpark.
The network to look for is “Free Wi-Fi “ ( picture below) and you will also notice the network does not have a lock icon, which means you don’t have to enter a user name or password to connect to the network. You do however have to select your country of origin and postcode on the log in page then accept the terms and conditions before it connects you to the Internet - For a full list and more information Click Here

Tipping in Australia
Channel Ten's "The Project" Pro Tipping Viewpoint
Channel Ten’s news and current affairs program, The Project recently did a story on Tipping in Australia and for anyone looking for a proper intelligent coverage of the custom of tipping would have been sorely disappointed.

Charlie Pickering (the shows host), commenced the feature by stating that Australians were amongst the worlds worst tippers and we are considered to be meanest country in the world.
The show then trotted out a few B grade celebrities who then proceeded to tell everyone how wonderful and generous they were and how well they tipped, in particular Jamie Durie (ex male stripper) who made a point about how he felt contempt for anyone who didn’t tip.
It was quickly apparent that none of the celebrity guest had any idea about why tipping was necessary and were only on the show to promote themselves.
What the show failed to explain the reason why tipping is customary in America - simply because some employers are able to pay their staff as little as $2.18 an hour, whereas Australian workers are protected against exploitation and are paid a proper and fair wage.
Typically waiting staff working in local restaurants will be receiving between $20 and $30 per hour and when we contacted the manager of Warrnambool’s Mid City Motel and Restaurant, he indicated the average wage paid to their staff was actually very close to $30 per hour as most work at times when weekend and penalty rates apply.
So there is no reason why any restaurant goer in Australia should feel obliged to tip anybody, as the pay they receive is fair and commensurate with the work they are doing . There is however a certain amount of social pressure to the custom of tipping, possibly due to the amount of American Television dross dumped on our screens but also shows like “The Project”, who broadcast misinformation.
In the interest of balanced comment,, the preceding is not meant to deter anyone from rewarding exemplary service or paying someone a little extra for a job well done, but it is merely to supply the correct information about Tipping in Australia - which is simply
Tipping is not customary in Australia- "Anywhere"

Cheap Accommodation Prices
Jan 2015
Over the last decade the Internet has dramatically changed many aspects of the tourism and accommodation industry, in particular the vast majority of all reservations are now made through the Internet.
While booking accommodation on the Internet is quick and convenient, there is a downside to this, with two giant American companies now controlling something like 90% of all online bookings made in Australia, whether you are booking a motel in the Grampians or an aparrtment in Warrnambool these two companies control most of the market.
They are, Booking.com (who also own Agoda and Kayak) and Expedia ( who own Wotif,Trivago, hotels.com and Venere amongst others) and they now dominate the Australian market. They make their income by charging between 12% and 20% commission on all booking made through their web sites. This has proved to be a very clever strategy as they don’t have to own or control any accommodation business, but are able to take a sizeable percentage of the profit made by the industry - 12% to 20% commission on the total amount of a booking, probably represents between 30% and 40% of the businesses profit.

These commissions add to the cost of accommodation and although Wotif, Trivago and Booking .Com advertise they offer the cheapest accommodation deals, it is nonsense to think that by adding to the cost of accommodation it is somehow making the accommodation cheaper
The Cheapest Deals - By dealing directly with the accommodation owners you should get the cheapest prices, but unfortunately that isn’t immeadiately obvious, as some operators/owners do not manage their properties (or prices) with any diligence, however there are a few smart operators who use the advantage of being able to take bookings without commissions to offer better prices to guests who book directly with them, so if you want to save a few dollars on your next booking take these two this simple steps
1/ Use the Internet ( Google search ) to find your accommodation and select the property you want to book
2/ Do a direct search ( by name) of the property you intend to book and go to their own web site or phone them up, and in most cases you will find they will offer you a better price by booking direct.

A quick check of the properties listed on this web site found that about 60% offered cheaper prices through their own web sites


Halls Gap Zoo
January 2015
Halls Gap Zoo is just one of the regions hidden family attractions and for some reason a lot of people seem to assume that a zoo in small village such as Halls Gap would be very two-a-penny operation, however the reality is the Halls Gap Zoo is a very high quality attraction and is real surprise for most visitors.
It is a family friendly operation, and the park has a good collection of native animals with lots of "hands on" things for the kids ( and big kids) to do.
The zoo has recently added to its collection and now ( apart from a large collection of Australian native animals ) has a range of exotic animals including Giraffe, Cheetahs, Meerkats, Lemurs and Red Pandas.
The Halls Gap Wildlife Park is a great way to fill in a day ( or half a day) The park is a few kilometres outside Halls Gap on the Ararat road.

A "hands on" expirience with one of the zoo's friendly reptiles

Cobden Miniature Rail

January 2015
The Cobden Miniature Railway Park is a great family day out. Built and operated by the local Rotary and model engineers clubs, the park has a over a dozen model trains running on both 7 inch and 5 inch tracks as well as a 18 hole mini golf course plus a family barbecue area. Neat, clean, well run plus extremely well priced and in fact you can spend an entire afternoon with the family for not much more that $20.
This is another one of South West Victoria’s hidden attractions and one of my recommend spots to visit - The only drawback is that it is only open on Sundays during School Holidays, with the next two opening dates of 18th and 25th of January




Getaways The Folkie Fish and Chips

if your 'e looking for a secluded rural getaway close to the Otway's rain forest then our latest property listing might be just what your 'e looking for.
To find out more about Kookaburra's Rest click the photo below kookaburras rest

The Port Fairy Folk Festival isd just around the corner and although the main festival is sold out the street festival is worth a visit -
for more information have a look at our Folkie Page



The South West coast is also famous for the quality of its fish and chips and there are dozens of restaurants and take away's that serve good fish and chips. We've listed six of our favourites fish and chip shops - Click the photo to see our choices


Timboon Berry Farm

January 2015
With the strawberry season in full swing, the Timboon Strawberry Farm is one of the more decadent places to visit over the holiday season. At present the strawberries are at their best, with some the size of small apples, and there is no comparison with what you buy in supermarkets.
This is another one of those out of the way places that doesn't seem to get a lot of publicity - possibly because the locals don't want the tourists eating all those delicious strawberries. The berry farm is located opposite the golf course in Timboon and you can either bring your own container or they can provide one for you.

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Sarah's Studio
Limited vacancies so please book early

A modern split level 3 bedroom townhouse located close the beach and Lake Pertobe adventure playground, and within walking distance of the city.

For more information please visit their web site
Click Here

351 Timor St -
Phone bookings only 0417 786 481

Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher. Two showers, two toilets. Private courtyard with BBQ. Separate lounge and dining room. Towels and Linen supplied. Off street parking

Grampians Getaway
Pinnacle Holiday Lodge

3 Night Midweek Special - $285

Package includes 3 nights accommodation at Pinnacle Holiday Lodge in the heart of the Grampians for 2 adults in a self contained unit with kitchenette (queen bed), Bottle of Seppelt wine on arrival, $20 breakfast voucher for Livefast Cafe, Free Wi-Fi (limits apply)
Free DVD player & 2 DVDs, indoor heated pool
full-size tennis court. This package is available from 17th April to 27th June and 21st July to 29th August 2013 subject to availability (Sunday to Thursday inclusive).

Phone 1800 819 283
to book this 3 Night Package


Top Twenty Surfing Beaches
on the South West Coast

A quick look at some of the best surfing destinations to help you plan your seaside holiday - For more information click here


Myrtleford Alpine Accommodation

Blue Haze - 3 Bedroom Luxury Accommodation
Blue Haze is located in the small township of "Ovens" in the middle of Victoria's "High Country" and just 4km from Myrtleford.
It sits at the junction of the Mount Beauty road to “Falls Creek” and the Great Alpine Road to “Mount Hotham” Alpine resorts, and ideally located to access both of these popular resort areas .
Blue Haze offers self-contained accommodation for up to 10 guests with large kitchen and two open plan entertaining areas plus its own pool and heated spa.

Rail Trail - Blue Haze is adjacent to the popular Bright to Beechworth, rail trail and during spring, summer and autumn, walking or cycling excursions along the trail are a great getaway option.

Click to visit the Blue Haze website



The History Page This week on our history page we feature the Warrnambool Post Office which dates back to 1857. Recent decisions by Australia Post to relocate have caused some local controversy - this week we look the Post Office and some of the other historical buildings in Timor St More...