Free Listing

Our Policy is to list all accommodation properties across the region, regardless of size, plus all restaurants and all entertainment businesses .
We also supply information to allow direct contact with properties advertised on this site by listing phone numbers, addresses and web site links (where applicable)
We invite anyone who is involved in the travel and hospitality industry to contact us with information about their business and we will list your business free of charge.

In addition to listing your business we can also provide a web sites a commission free booking system and This web site provides excellent exposure for anyone involved in tourism along the Great Ocean Road and the South West of Victoria.
While your own web site should be part of your advertising strategy, you should also try to list on high traffic sites which feature a variety of accommodation options as most people prefer to have a choice when looking for somewhere to stay, and will initially seek out web sites where they can compare a range of accommodation.
Once they have made their choice, they need to quickly find more information about their selection, this is another advantage we offer to clients as we are able to supply clients with individual web sites with their own on line booking systems, linked directly with their listing.
We can also link to external sites as well, and place no restrictions on what we will and won't advertise. This is another unique aspect of this site as many advertisers won't list web site or e-mail addresses. We also can furnish clients with channel management facilities to synchronise their inventory across all of the popular booking agencies, plus our most important advantage is the fact that we are locally based in the region and have an intimate knowledge of tourism in this area, so if you need results then please talk to us first.

Web Sites

Accommodation listing is available from as little as $4.00 per week* and provides advertisers with excellent exposure with a minimum outlay. Price includes photo listing on the relevant accommodation page, web site and e-mail links and property description as well as access to the sites booking referral service. *minimum fee applies to a yearly advertising rate - slightly more for shorter advertising periods.

Display Advertising from *$3.00 per week

Display advertising (in the side bars of most pages) is available to all advertisers - there is no restrictions on where you can place your advertising, so anyone who wishes to advertise their business in an adjoining region can do so. This technique can dramatically improve your reach by tapping into other markets. This advertising is also open to all tourism related businesses such as pubs, restaurants and tour operators. *minimum fee applies to a yearly advertising rate - slightly more for shorter advertising periods

Accommodation Listings

Advertising - We provide property listings for accommodation businesses from Melbourne to Adelaide via a number of dedicated web sites which cover this region. Our policy is to list all property details, including web site addresses (URL), email addresses and phone numbers, some sites withhold vital contact information in order to get commissions on bookings. Web Sites. We can also create attractive and functional web sites at very reasonable prices. We can set up a simple one or two pages site for around $200, and a typical 7-8 page accommodation site with all the bells and whistles( including on line reservations) can cost around $900-1100. These figures can vary depending on the complexity, many of the accommodation pages contained within this site fall into this price range. Domain Names We recommend the Melbourne based company Web 24 for anyone who wants to register a Domain name (URL). We use this company ourselves and have found them to be very professional in their approach. We can assist clients with the registration process if the technical side looks to be too daunting. Hosting We can provide a variety hosting packages at competitive prices, starting form $88 per year. Our service also includes technical support and we can assist clients in setting up their own hosting packages and instruction on how to transfer files to the web host. On Line Booking we operate and maintain an on line reservation system which can link to existing web sites or be incorporated into purpose built sites. The reservation system supplies confirmed reservations and also has inbuilt payment facilities Channel Management our On-Line reservation systems links with Channel Manager ( Australia's original channel management operator) to synchronise inventory and prices across each properties booking agencies. Channel Manager links will all of the popular providers including Wotif - Need it Now - Quickbeds - Asia Rooms - Stayz - Total travel ect.

Managing and Marketing

Some businesses need assistance in managing their advertising and Cheaper rates are available for smaller block advertising starting from as little as $1.00 per week* and provides advertisers with a photographic image of your property and a link to your web site. The listing is available on either on the relevant accommodation page, or a page of your choice and includes web site and e-mail links and access to the sites booking referral service. *fee applies to a yearly advertising rate - slightly more for shorter advertising periods.